Sunday, November 25, 2007

5 Key Tips For Couples--Help With How To Make Your Relationship Work

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Are you having a relationship trouble? Do you dream of a better longer lasting relationship? Do you want to make it work? These 5 simple tips will help you, no matter what stage your relationship is at now. Anyone who wants a strong and trusting relationship, read on...

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1. Be open and honest with your partner. Lying and concealing the truth will only damage your relationship. Being closer will allow each other to grow closer. Even the little things count.

2. Keeping your word is a big one, if you say you will be home at a certain time, than be on time. Or at least let your partner know that you will be late. Keep your promises. If you say you will do something, than keep your word and do it. This is a foundation to a strong relationship.

3. Make plans with each other, taking their interests in mind. Sometimes you will not want or like your partner`s interests. This works both ways and should not be one sided. This all shows your partner that you do love them and builds a strong relationship.

4. Focus on your partners strengths. Make them feel good about them selves. Tell them how sexy they look, how smart they are and how much you love them, for them being them. This is a healthy way to show your love; by raising their confidence.

5. Listen to and respect your partner`s feelings, what they want and need. If you have problems with anything, than tell them now, do not wait. Compromise between each other, do not let your relationship to be one sided. A relationship involves two people. If your partner does not respect your wishes, than maybe you are not right for each other.

By using these simple tips, you can improve and make a stronger, longer lasting relationship. Respect and love each other. If you would like more advice and help with your relationship Click Here!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How to Have a Perfect Date--Be Creative is The Key to Perfect Date

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Do you want to have a perfect date? Have you ever been accused of not being romantic enough? Does your usual date consist of going for a meal or a movie? This is great but why not get more creative and finally have the perfect date, first, second and third...

Dating can be very expensive and no matter how much money you spend, you just cannot get it perfect. Have that ever happen to you? You invite this someone special out for dinner, you go to the most expensive restaurant, you get them whatever they want, spend lots of money... and did not even get a second date. Was the date not perfect? You spent so much money on it and what?

You see to have a perfect date it has to be special. Something that you and your date can remember for years to come. Bringing your date for a dinner is very common, 80% of people bring their date for a dinner. And no matter how much money you spend on food it is still just another dinner date, in other words nothing special.

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Most of the time it is men who bring women out on dates, so remember that women are usually more romantic then men. They want something special to happen and are looking for this perfect prince who will make all their dreams come true. So why not be this perfect prince? It is a win win situation, they will get what they want(perfect prince) and you will get what you want(a second date and a woman who is crazy about you). Think of what this woman is like, really think of what would she like to do? Maybe you could invite her surfing or snowboarding, go to some art collection or simply bring her to watch the sunset where there is a beautiful view.

This is not to say that women cannot bring men out. Why do you think people usually go for dates to the cinema or dinner? Just simply because they do not have enough fantasy to go and do something special. But maybe next time you can catch your guy`s attention by inviting him to go to a car show or a match.

Remember that to have a perfect date you do not need a lot of money, just a bit of imagination. Fantasy is all you need. And remember no matter how much money you spend, the perfect date cannot be bought.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

How To Make Your Relationship Better And Long Lasting

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Do youn dream of a better long lasting relationship? Do you think you know your partner? You will probably say yes, but do you really know them? Research shows that 83% of divorces happen because couples do not ask the right questions.

Relationships break down all around us and all because we do not properly know each other. Do you really know how compatible you and the person you love are? And I am not talking about questions like your favourite colour or book. But do you know why your partner does what he or she does. Do you know what their most sensitive part of the body is or what about the subject of kids. You see, you can be with your partner for years and years and not realise that you do not agree about the same things. Lets say one wants to get married and the other one does not, or one wants to have kids and the other one does not. You can be with someone since you are 18 and now you are mid 20`s and ready to start a family, but that is not what the other person wants... Things like that happen with couples around the world all the times causing them to break up. Asking the right questions at the right time can prevent this from happening.

Proper communication is very important in a relationship. In a good relationship you and your partner should never feel uncomfortable talking about anything.

When you start asking the right questions it can transform your relationship into something special. You will feel like you are on a new higher level. You will finally reach the ultimate point of deep love and understanding that you have always craved for. It can save your marriage and help your relationship in the long run as well as saving you disapointment. There are some very important questions that most people do not even think of asking each other.

If you want a long lasting and loving relationship you should start finding out more about your partner every day. Ask them what really irritates them or what their feelings on a certain subject are. For some people there are subjects that they still feel uncomfortable about even with their long term partner. Sex and experimenting in bed is a tough subject for many couples. Start by finding out simple things first and it will get easier with every question. Your confidence will go up and you will feel like you can move on to more intimate subjects.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

What To Do If Passion Is Gone From Your Sex Life

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Is your sex life lacking in passion and spice? Do you think you have tried everything but failed miserably? Do you want to know how to bring fire back to the bedroom?

It does not matter whether you have been in a relationship for a few days or a few years, any kind of relationship can be spiced up to an unrecognisable level of passion. Yes it really is true, you can have intense lovemaking and keep it that way forever. There is just a few simple things that you need to do to achieve this. Now you feel unattractive and unwanted. The thing is that if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and just cannot get out, your partner most likely feels the same. But that is good news. If you are bored with your sex life your partner is probably bored too and maybe sex even started to feel like a chore rather than fun. Do not worry, all that just means that it is time for a change.

There are 3 common mistakes that couples makewhen trying to spice up their sex life First of all you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about asking your partner to try out new things. This is wrong as in 90% of cases your partner wants just the same but is uncomfortable to talk about it too. There is no shame in the fact that over the years love making can become boring. The truth is there is hundreds of ways to bring passion back into your love making. And I do not mean that you have to start buying whips or introducing a third person into the bedroom.

Another mistake that couples make is that as soon as their sex life hits low, they try to introduce porn or sex toys. They try to rely on them completely to bring their passion back. Yes toys can be helpful but they should never outshine your performance. Your partner should be looking forward to having sex with you and not the toy. So use them but do not abuse.

Final mistake that people make is getting advice from the wrong people. A lot of people and literature see sex as something that gives you instant gratification. This is wrong Think of what sex really is. It is something that builds intimacy between two people who connect with each other to show their love. So if you want sex advice go to a proper expert who has expirience or read information from a reliable source, who actually knows what they are talking about.

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How To Be A Men Magnet-- Attract And Keep Any Man You Want

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Do you want to be a man magnet and be able to attract and keep any man you want? Have you ever wondered why he did not call, why did he stop loving me or what did I do wrong? You are not alone. All women who have dated at least once in their life asked questions like these. The truth is women simply do not understand men. It is a proven scientific fact that men and women think differently. Our brains just analyze things differently. It is no one`s fault that things are the way they are. We just have to learn to understand each other. This understanding will bring us loving and fulfilling relationships.

Have you ever met a woman that just has something about her, which attracts men like a magnet? They just do not seem to get enough of her. Yes it is true, it is really possible. So what is the difference between a woman like this and you? Note, that she is not necessarily prettier, wealthier or any other reason you might think. It goes deeper, she simply understands men, be it consciously or unconsciously. There are many women like that in history.

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However remember that you should always be yourself. If you have to put on an act just to be with this "special" man, than maybe he is not so special after all and not right for you.

To make a man want you, you have to give him what he wants. Make him feel good about himself and he will reach out to you. A man will give anything and everything to a woman that can make him feel good. And I am not talking about sex, if that was the case prostitutes would have the best marriages. To have a successful relationship you need to learn the art of seduction. Like anything else it is a science of it`s own.

So what you could do today is start being confident about yourself. Men always love a confident woman and I do not mean vulgar, just confident. Make your own personality shine through. Never act needy. Men hate a woman that clings on to them and does not let go. Make them grab on to you instead. You can be a man magnet.

Art of seduction is a subject which needs to be studied by every woman, who wants a successful and long lasting relationship. To find out how to be a woman men adore and never want to leave check out this great book Click Here!

How To Be A Women Magnet--Get Any Woman You Want

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Have you ever wondered why some men get all the women they want and no one even looks at you? And do you know that it is nothing to do with the way those men look or how much money they have. It is more to do with the way they act and you can do the same.

Generally women do not care about looks, it is much more the right personality that they are looking for. now you can say, but I am such a nice guy, is that not what women want. Yes and no. You see women can say they want a nice guy, but usually they still go for an asshole, bad boy instead. After when that bad boy dumps them, they cry why was he not a nice guy? So you see subconsciously they are more attracted to the bad boy persona. So what can you do about it? You certainly do not have to go and turn into a bad boy, but you could learn a few techniques that bad boys use. Being a mix of a bad boy and a nice guy at the same time you will be even more irresistible to women. You should learn what attracts beautiful women in assholes, than use those techniques but stay a nice guy.

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Women like it when a guy chases them, but they also love to chase the guy. So if you learn how to do both, women will be drawn to you no matter whether you are bald, fat, ugly or poor. You see this is just how women`s brains work. Of course you hear that rich men attract beautiful women, but in most cases it is their money they are attracted to and not the man itself. Do you really want a woman who only wants your money?

You see by acting in a certain way you can make a woman love you for who you really are. It does not matter whether you want a woman for one night stand or for a lasting relationship, both is possible. Psychological techniques work every time. So where can you get the right information? There are hundreds of books and sites written on sex, love and dating so how to choose. Well first of all keep up to date. Do not get books that are over 3 years old. We live in a changing environment and newer books would have more relevant information. What worked 10 years ago may not necessarily work now.

Have you ever heard that it is better to get advice from women rather than men? Any woman would know what she wants better, than a man trying to figure out and tell you what that woman wants. So get talking to your female friends. For professional advice and information on a great site that can help you Click Here!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to Make Great First Impression on a Date

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Do you want to have a lasting love? Do you have a first date with someone? Want to make sure there will be a second date? Make a great first impression and they will be your partner before you know it. These 8 simple tips will guarantee you success.

1. Before going on a date make sure you are dressed attractively but comfortably. Do not wear clothes that make you feel uneasy or self conscious.

2. Body language speaks volumes. You want your date to get a good impression of you. So sit up straight and watch your posture. You will look more confident. But do not drink too much, it will only give you a false sense of confidence and you may do or say things you will regret later.

3. Always compliment your date. However do it sincerely and notice something that the other person put their effort in. They will appreciate it.

4. Learn to flirt, but careful do not overdo it.
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5. Do not try to show off or talk about how great you are. Actions speak louder than words.

6. Be interested and interesting. Generally people love to talk about themselves and just want a good listener. So ask questions but do not interrupt. Also on your first date you should not talk about anything negative or complain, it does not look good.

7. You must enjoy yourself. You can always see if someone likes your company or is just putting on a fake smile. So whatever you decide to do on your date, try to sincerely enjoy it. Easy going and fun people always attract and make good first impressions.

8. Good manners will always get you further. So always thank the other person for the date.

Do you know that half of all first dates never reach their second. Make sure you are the right half, make a great first impression. If you found those 8 simple tips useful why not check out more tips on how to have the perfect date Click Here!